About us

Japanese Women in Computingは、Tech業界で働く日本に縁のある女性もしくはそのAllyのためのSysters Affinity Groupです。

Early on

Japanese Women in Computingは、2016年度のGHC(Grace Hopper Celebration)で出会った3人の日本人女性によって、設立されました。





Our logo

our logo and website color palette are designed by a talented Japanese designer, Riri Tamura. check out her works more on @riritamudesign!

Meet our board members

Rieko Noland (Co-founder)

Rieko Noland is a Senior Program Manager at Apple, currently focusing on improving Apple Maps user experience. In addition, Rieko leads the 4,000 member Apple Asian Association to promote an inclusive culture throughout the company.

Prior to the program management positions, Rieko was a software engineer for 5 years following her graduation from the University of Arizona with a degree in Computer Science. She was born and raised in Tochigi, Japan, and came to the United States when she was 16 years old as a foreign exchange student.

Sachiyo Sugimoto (Co-chair)

Sachiyo Sugimoto is a Partner Technology Manager at Google. She started her career as a system’s engineer at a Japanese system integration company in Tokyo and later joined Google. She attended the annual AnitaB.org’s conference (GHC) for the first time in 2019 and has been engaged in JWiC activities. She holds a bachelor’s degree at Waseda University and later earned an M.Sx. degree in management from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She was born in Japan and now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Aoi Kadoya (Co-founder)

Aoi Kadoya is a Senior Cloud Engineer at Rakuten USA. She received her B.S. in Computer Science from Waseda University, Tokyo in Japan. After her 6-year career as a Systems engineer, a Cloud engineer, and a lead System architect at Rakuten in Japan, she moved to the United States in 2015 as a devops engineer. She is passionate about automation to incorporate systems with the latest keen devops technologies such as Ansible, Terraform, Docker. 

Sakiko Yoshida (Co-chair)

Sakiko Yoshida is an Operations Manager of Technical Support at Amazon Web Services Japan and leads one of chapters for a working group for Women in Tech for Japan. She started her career as a technical support engineer for Computer Servers and Storages, and expanded the capability to the software and Cloud. She became one of co-chairs for Japanese Women in computing to connect Women in Tech in Japan along with other co-chairs and members since 2017.

Hikari Tamura (Co-founder)

Hikari Tamura is a Senior Manager of Alexa International Business Development Division at Amazon Japan G.K., currently focusing on leading the team to build the partnerships in various industries to enhance Alexa experience and expand the use of Alexa. She has started her career as a field engineer for mobile infrastructure at Motorola and transitioned to business role in the Web Hosting/Public Cloud business, which led her to join AWS prior to current role in Amazon. The background of being an engineer helped her to build the business around emerging technologies and she is still feeling passionate about bringing new technologies to the market and working for customers.

She has attended to GHC in 2016 for the first time as one of a few Japanese attendees, resulted to meet with other co-founders of Japanese Women in Computing.